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We have opened our expanded training grounds and game farm for hunting to a limited number of members and their guests. This idea started by creating an excellent hunting environment for us to enjoy. Our first goal is to provide a hunting experience that will satisfy other avid sportsmen and our selves. This will be accomplished with quality birds, excellent wildlife habitat and professional management to create an operation and atmosphere members will be proud to be involved with.

We are creating a hunting environment for sportsman looking for an enjoyable and realistic outdoor experience. While also providing members excellent opportunities to expose young sportsmen and women and young sporting dogs to enjoyable and successful hunting situations. We have chosen to be open to members only. We will accept a limited number of members. This will help control over crowding and ensure that our members will have a comfortable and safe environment to hunt and to enjoy the outdoors.

A well-run hunting club can offer today's sportsman an exciting outdoor experience. Hunting clubs offer great convenience, longer seasons, a great number of birds in ideal hunting conditions, and other amenities to make an outdoor adventure more enjoyable for you, your family and friends.

We offer a variety of game bird species; each providing different wing shooting opportunities. We offer Pheasants, Bobwhite Quail, Hungarian Partridge and Chukar Partridge to our members and their guests. These birds will be maintained during the hunting season to be liberated for hunts. A population of birds also live on the property. Wild coveys of Bobwhite Quail, Hungarian and Chukar Partridge and Pheasants are established on the grounds.

Well maintained cover and grounds is one of the most important aspects. If the game is liberated on a large acreage, with excellent wildlife habitat, they will stay in the area where they are released. The right type of cover provides the game birds and other wildlife that is on the grounds an excellent habitat to live in. Properly planted hunting fields also provide an excellent habitat to hunt in, even with the snow for winter hunts.

The grounds are divided into several hunting areas, of varying sizes and levels of difficulty to accommodate your hunting style. There are several food plots of corn and grain sorghum in each field. We can accommodate several hunting parties at a time, of up to 4 guns per hunting area. The fields are divided by natural cover. Quality cover and natural boundaries control running birds.

We operate our hunting operation with the same level of class and professionalism that our clients have come to expect from our sporting dog operation. We do our best to accommodate the individual needs of our members.

Enjoyable bird hunts will leave you with wonderful memories to look back on in the future. The shooting of the birds will become secondary to the experiences of the hunt and good dog work. Watching a well-bred and well trained sporting dog perform is a real pleasure. As young dogs get more experience and for each encounter they have with game they learn a little more about finding and handling birds. Seeing young dogs put their natural ability to work, utilize what they have learned in training and through experience on wild birds or at hunting preserves is the ultimate thrill. Share these experiences with your family and friends.

Best to you,
The Goodings