Elhew Brassy
Good Go Ing Elhew Brassy: She was an outstanding performer and producer; she was a joy to own.
An English Pointer puppy by Brassy pointing at 8 weeks old.

Thank you for your interest in Good Go Ing - Elhew bred English Pointers. Our pointers run a close to medium range. They are very stylish, animated bird dogs, with great desire and skill for finding and handling game.

Elhew bred English Pointers are sensible, easy handling bird dogs. They are bred for trainability and can be developed into finished shooting dogs at an early age. We have hunted them in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, North Dakota and South Dakota. They work well on grouse, woodcock, pheasants, sharptailed grouse, hungarian partridge and quail. They adapt well to different types of birds and terrain.

The breeding behind our English Pointers is made up of the most notable producers of the Elhew Strain, with strong influence from other great producers in which Elhew made a contribution. Some of these dogs include CH. Guard Rail, CH. Pork Roll, and Nell's Rambling On. We also find that selective out crossing to lines made-up of CH. Fiddler and his greatest sons, have a positive effect on enhancing a young dogs ability and potential.

Whether you desire to field trial your dog, run hunting tests or strictly use your dog as a hunter and a companion, you will want the best natural qualities you can find. All of these activities require an animal with desire for birds, a strong instinct to point, style, spirit, a good nose, good eye sight, great energy and most important trainability.

When we talk about trainability, we want a dog that is intelligent and easy to handle. A dog that is willing to give it's all when it is needed, yet be able to relax and be enjoyed as a companion.

We desire our dogs to have natural quartering instincts, with the drive to search out birds when hunting. We also breed for pointers that are strong natural retrievers.

We keep all of these desired characteristics in mind and work through our breeding program to improve upon them. Females are bred to the male we feel most enhances her qualities and background. Our pointers are selectively line bred to consistently produce offspring that live up to the same high standards as their predecessors.

Puppies are well socialized from birth, and are carefully tested as they mature. Only those pups that pass our requirements and show natural instinct for birds are sold as working dogs.

We have held back and evaluated pointers of previous or similar breedings to the ones we will be offering this spring. These pointers have excellent personalities and have developed into fine bird dogs. We hold back and evaluate young dogs as they develop quit frequently. We always want to be aware of the type of dogs we are producing.

I'm confident that if you do decide on a puppy from one of our litters or a started dog, you will be very pleased with your investment.

Best to you,

The Goodings

Errol, Hilda, Jason, Jon