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GOODGOING RYMAN ABBIE, hunting, pointing and retrieving at 3 months old."

Thank you for your interest in Good Go Ing English Setters. I hope the following information will help answer many of your questions and leave you better informed about the type of setters we breed and our dedication to them.

An English Setter is an excellent choice for anyone looking for the ultimate pointing dog and an excellent companion. They were a trained bird dog in England over 400 years ago. As one of the oldest and most popular sporting breeds their reputation as a top gun dog companion is well established throughout history. A well bred setter has a strong drive for bird work, this is evident at a very young age. They are also a joy to train to be well-mannered around the house or afield.

From the very beginning our goal has been to operate a first class, high quality breeding and training program. Good Go Ing is a full time, professional sporting dog business that is owned and operated by the Gooding family. We personally care for all a spects of the operation. With over 30 years experience in raising and training sporting dogs we have the expertise to provide you with a great upland bird dog and companion English Setter. With the tremendous amount of experience we have had in professional dog training, we are able to objectively evaluate our litters and prospective breeding stock. Only the dogs that pass our standards of desire for hunting, pointing and retrieving, physical soundness, temperament and conformat ion are bred.

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"A daughter of GOODGOING RIDGE pointing and retrieving at a young age."

We currently have a few quality puppies available. Several older puppies and young started dogs that have been started on some more advanced training are also available. These puppies and young dogs are from our top breeding stock and have had excellent opportunities. They can be seen working at the kennel, with an appointment. We can usually show you a few dogs that meet the description of what you are looking for. Our goal is to match each buyer with the dog that they we will be most happy with.

We have held back and evaluated dogs of previous or similar breedings to the ones we are currently offering. These dogs have excellent per sonalities and have developed into fine upland bird and waterfowl dogs. We hold back and evaluate young dogs as they develop quite frequently. We always want to be aware of the type of dogs we are producing.

Our English Setters are not the least expensive, and we certainly wouldn't want them to be. It is not possible, given the standards and goals that the Gooding's represent. A lot of time and care has gone into developing our English Setters and operation into what it is today. We have a reputation for producing quality dogs and standing behind them. We feel our reputation and dogs are able to sell themselves.

I'm confident that if you do decide on a puppy from one of our litters or a started dog, you will be very pleased with your investment. If you are truly serious about acquiring an English Setter from a dedicated breeding program, please contact us with any further questions or interest.

Best to you,

The Goodings

Errol, Hilda, Jason, Jon