2 weeks

Penny (Vizsla) is developing her
natural talent for pointing
in our Head Start Program

Our Head Start Program is designed for young dogs 5-6 months of age or older dogs that have not yet had these first experiences.  In the hunting program we focus on developing a dog’s natural ability for hunting.  We begin by exposing young dogs to birds through simple retrieving drills and hunts in light cover for liberated game birds.  These drills develop a young pointers natural retrieve and their talent for finding and pointing game.  As the dogs become more skilled and confident, we create more challenging hunts.  We work to develop a young upland hunter with a strong interest in quartering through cover to find game and develop their natural instinct to point through bird exposure.  At the same time we are gradually introducing gun fire along with the bird work so the young dog learns to associate the gun in a positive and exciting manner with hunting and retrieving.  We begin by introducing a .22 black pistol in moderation during bird drills.  We then introduce the 28 gauge and finally graduate to the 12 gauge.     



2 weeks

In the obedience program we teach and develop basic commands and introduce the electronic collar.  The initial commands include heel, whoa, come, come around, off, ok and kennel.  We begin with simple obedience sessions in a basic yard or indoor area.  Then gradually add additional distractions as dogs are ready.  Our techniques help teach consistency with commands in real life situations and develop a confident young dog.

These two programs can be combined for a complete 4 week program or done separately.  

4-10 Weeks

Started Hunting Dogs - 4-6 weeks
Advanced Hunting Dogs - 8-10 weeks

For dogs 8-10 months of age and older

KC (Brittany) is learning to 
hold a steady point.

Our Gun Dog Program is designed to take hunting experience and obedience training to the next level, for your hunting companion.  Valuable hunting experience is gained in more challenging upland situations.  Obedience is taught and reinforced in higher distraction and real hunting situations.  This helps ensure a well behaved companion during day-to-day life, whether at home, the dog park or afield.

We focus on:

  • Advanced obedience and e-collar conditioning
  • Staunch points
  • Establishing quartering in the hunting zone
  • Recall on fly away and missed birds
  • Steady to wing
  • Stop to flush
  • Retrieving
  • Handling and relocating running game
  • Whistle commands


4-8 Weeks  

Hagrid (Red Setter) honoring Tanner's 
(English Pointer) point during a training 
session at Good Go Ing.

Our Finished Dog Program is designed for owners that have goals of competing with their dogs at advanced levels or simply want a truly finished hunting companion.  This work includes: developing good obedience during the highest levels of hunting distractions, total steadiness around game and hunting well with brace mates.  

We focus on:

  • Steady to wing and shot
  • Backing
  • Proper retrieve  



2-4 weeks

Shay (German Shorthair) regularly 
visits Good Go Ing to keep her 
skill shart for the fall.

Our Maintenance Program is a great way to help get an experienced dog in shape and fine tune their hunting skills and obedience for the upcoming season. We can also develop a plan for problem solving and correct any issues that may have developed at home or in the field.  

We focus on:

  • Reinforcing obedience
  • Correction training
  • Conditioning  




Jason working with a client and 
his young English Setter, Ronnie, 
during a private lesson.


Private Lessons are a one on one training session with Jason Gooding.  Any of the above programs or special issues can be incorporated into private lessons.  Lessons are also a great way to develop your skills as a handler.  The average lesson will run 30 to 60 minutes.  They can be done on a regular schedule or as needed.  Call Jason @ 715-977-1281 for pricing information and other details.




Carly (English Pointer) has learned a 
proper retrieve and delivery to hand.



We can also customize a program to meet your specific needs.  This may include: curing gun shyness, teaching proper retrieving, tracking, ect.  We can put together a program to teach any single item or list of items that may need to be addressed to improve your dog as a hunter and companion.    




You are encouraged to come out and see your dog every 2-3 weeks during training.  As you visit, you will be able to see your dog’s progress first hand.  We will demonstrate your dog to you in a way that you understand the training we are doing and how to handle your dog for yourself.  At certain stages of the training we will have you work with your dog under our guidance.  This is to help you and your dog become more comfortable working together.  We are always available to answer any questions you have after you bring your dog home or help with any future training needs you may have.

You are welcome to visit Good Go Ing to meet us and see the operation in person.  CONTACT US for an appointment or additional information.  Click here for training RATES AND REQUIRMENTS, Check out the Retrieving Breed Program & and Companion Dog Program