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English Pointers

Close working English Pointers — Elhew bred for the ultimate in style and bird finding ability.

The Pointer was the first dog used to stand and point game as we use them today. Pointers first appeared in Great Britain around 1650. The Pointer of today has remained true to type. They closely resemble their ancestors of the past. They are known for their short, clean coat and muscular build. They are fast and determined dogs with lots of hunt and courage.

Robert Wehle improved on these qualities during the twentieth century with the founding of Elhew Kennels in New York State in 1936. Over the next nearly 70 years he developed his Elhew Pointers into the most accomplished line of sporting dogs in history.

We carry on the qualities of the Elhew Pointer in our own breeding. Our English Pointers are sensible, easy handling bird dogs. They are bred for trainability and can be developed into a finished shooting dog at an early age.